The Xeon 7500 launch event in Bangalore last week ( Intel Photo)
Intelís new Xeon 7500 Series chips make mission-critical computing, mainstream

Intel has unveiled its newest server chip – the eight-core, 16-thread Xeon processor 7500 series or “Nehalem-EX” in India. The EX stands for expandable: The processor sockets (from two to 256 processors per server), the memory and I/O all scale or expand, enabling the processor to scale from medium to large-scale enterprise computing environments. The new Xeon claims a three-fold performance improvement over existing Xeon 7400 and 8x memory bandwidth mark-up.

While it is still pitched at traditional enterprise applications like platforms handling databases, customer relationship management applications and large-scale virtualization environments, its scalable performance allows it to handle mission-critical workloads and computationally heavy tasks such as large-scale databases, data warehouses, large-scale ERP and business intelligence solutions, Intel engineers say.

“The Xeon 7500 brings …the most significant leap in performance, scalability and reliability ever seen from Intel,” says R. Ravichandran, Director – Sales, Intel South Asia. “This combination will accelerate the industry’s migration away from proprietary architectures. We are democratizing high-end computing.”

Link to a PDF of Intel’s Xeon 7500 product brief