Moser Baer launches LCD monitor

January 29, '09; BANGALORE: They are the second biggest maker of optical media -- CDs and DVDs -- in the world. They rolled out the first high definition Bluray recording disks, anywhere. They transformed the recorded movie scene in India by launching Indian language cinema CDs and DVDs for hardly more than the cost of recording medium.

Now Okhla, Delhi based Moser Baer have launched their first PC display peripheral -- a 15 inch LCD-TFT monitor. Plans to launch 19 and 22 inch models haved also been announced. The monitor, with a 16:10 aspect ratio is a light 4 kg and boasts a 6 microsecond response time, but no other details have been provided, so we can't comment on resolution, brightness etc. The suggested price is Rs 7000 and the national distributors are Salora and Tech Pacific as well as Moser Baer's own outlets. LCD PC monitors are available in India in the Rs 8000 -- Rs 12,000 range for sizes from 15 inch to 19 inch so for starters this is not earth shakingly cheaper than what you would expect to pay as of now. But we are reserving judgment:

When we are able to get out hands on a piece, we will try it out and report to you on how it feels and works.