From Left : Sharat Satyarayana, Durlabh Chand Jain and Mahendraa Kumar Jain at the Bangalore unveiling of LACS' touch media devices ( IndiaTechOnline photo)
Coming: Rs 10,000 'connected' infotainment all-in-one device

A Bangalore based start-up is poised to launch a multi-application, personal infotainment device at a challenging price point below the laksham rekha ( threshold)  of Rs 10,000. Lakshmi Access Communications Systems Private Limited (LACS) ,the Wireless Infomedia Services division of the Multi-Crore Devraj Group of Companies, unveiled two of the devices in its upcoming product range: a Touch Media Device (TMD) and a ( Net-connected version), Touch Infotainment Device (TID).

Earlier known as Sagar Info Distributors Private Limited, LACS ( ) has evolved from IT distribution to Wireless Infomedia Services for enterprise and retails segments. Earlier it was into distribution for the HP range of consumer products across India, for over 4 years and this has given it the market feel and experience to venture into a Pan India launch across 35 branches and a 500 strong distributor network.

The devices have multiple functions: a music and video player ( 4.3 inch screen); a games platform; an ebook and document reader; an FM radio and ( unusually!) an FM transmitter; a GPS navigator and a hands-free phone when connected via Bluetooth to one’s mobile phone. In the Net-enabled version ( TID), cellular-based connectivity is provided through one’s GPRS phone or by inserting a GPRS-enabled SIM card. The device then brings all the functionality of a Windows CE ( or its Linux equivalent) smart phone/browser. An internal storage of 2 GB is expandable to 8 GB.

LACS Chief Executive Mahendraa Kumar D Jain, says: “LACS products offer a whole host of features ranging from utilitarian, infotainment, connected and location based services, entertainment such as games and social networking. LACS is set to revolutionize the market for location access information services on a wide range of platforms. The service aims to empower the Indian consumer to access interactive information on-the-move across products such as Mobile Infotainment devices, Automotive Interactive devices and multiple level security devices for vehicles and other requirements.”

Sharat Satyanarayana, Director, Marketing & Services adds: “On average, every consumer has access to three screens on a daily basis, starting with the TV, the computer screen and finally the mobile phone. However, there are a number of situations where consumers would not be in a position to access one of these specific screens despite having a need or want. This is where the LACS range of Touch Media (TMD) & Touch Infotainment (TID) Devices allow consumers to have all of the above screens in a single device operating on a single platform, without necessarily replacing any of the 3 gadgets themselves.”

The devices will go on sale India-wide by mid March and LACS promises at least 2 software upgrades a month to ensure that the device becomes gradually more useful … ready for the day when full 3G services will allow owners to exploit its full potential, explained group Chairman Durlabh Chand Jain. And at around Rs 10,000, the company hopes it will be making to the Indian customer, a Godfather-like “ offer you can’t refuse".

IndiaTechOnline will bring you a detailed product review as soon as we receive an evaluation piece.

Feb 19 2010