Big CIO Show brings together the nation's top IT minds

March 1, 2023: Trescon’s 12th annual of Big CIO Show is scheduled to take place on March 9,  at the Sheraton Grand Whitefield.

The event will showcase the remarkable achievements of India's top Chief Information Officers, Chief Technological Officers, and IT leaders by offering a platform to share their captivating experiences and insightful lessons learned. These IT decision-makers will explore their evolution from business enablers to growth accelerators, delving into the secrets of their success and unlocking new possibilities for the future.

Big CIO Show will act as a unique platform to network with the nation's top IT executives and inspire stories of triumph and innovation.

During the show, CIOs from various industries in India will have the opportunity to engage with highly regarded technology thought-leaders, experts, and innovators to find solutions to challenges in their professional and personal growth. The nation's top IT executives will come together to discuss the latest digital innovation trends and assess the state of the market, as well as address important business-centric concerns.

This will feature the highly anticipated announcement of the world-renowned Big CIO Award winners, a special segment dedicated to recognizing and honoring the ground-breaking brilliance of the top IT mind and CIOs from around the country. The Big CIO Awards will celebrate exceptional leadership and significant contributions that leaders have made in their respective fields. The awards segment is anticipated to be a momentous celebration of the country's top tech titans.

The event is set to host a captivating keynote presentation by Vikram Chauhan, Director & Head of Enterprise & Government Business, Intel India. Vikram will be speaking on the topic "Future Forward: Digitally Transformed India", shedding light on how India's tech landscape, business needs, and technology requirements are dynamically evolving. This promises to be an engaging and informative talk that will give attendees valuable insights into the future of technology in India.

Other key topics that will be discussed at Big CIO Show; Future of Digital India, which will explore the latest trends in the digital landscape. Beyond Digital Transformation, which will focus on how companies can evolve beyond just technology to truly transform their business models. The Metaverse: The Limitless Possibilities for Brands will be another key focus, as industry leaders will explore the potential of this emerging technology for engaging customers and creating immersive brand experiences. Additionally, the conference will delve into the theme of Humans with Machines: Unleashing Automation to Experience Innovation. Other important themes that will be discussed include Once in the Cloud, there is no turning back, as well as Going Green: Creating Sustainable Data Centers. Finally, Security takes Center Stage where experts will discuss the latest trends and best practices for keeping data and systems secure, and the Maturity of 'everything-as-a-service,' or XaaS will be explored to understand the evolution of the concept and its current and future applications