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Hikvision unveils first true 8K security video recorder

September 23, 2022: Leading video security solution provider. Hikvision,  has unveiled the security industry’s first “True 8K” Network Video Recorders that support video recording, storage, transferring, decoding and output of up to 8K super-high-resolution images. The new M-Series NVRs can be used with a host of Hikvision cameras, and are ideal for environments where a wide field of view, and extremely high image resolution is needed.

Hikvision has comprehensively upgraded and optimized both the software and hardware of the M-Series NVR. These NVRs are equipped with an 8-core 64-bit high-performance SOC chip and high-capacity DDR4 memory kits, which provide full guarantee for “True 8K” functionalities.

8K video access & storage: The powerful hardware performance of the M-Series provides a stable guarantee for 8K video access. In the meantime, enabled with the innovative dynamic cache technology, the devices are able to adjust the cache required by each channel as per high-concurrency and high bit rate video stream. Being able to effectively adjust the dynamic application, the entire device’s performance is improved, making it able to achieve efficient storage for 8K video stream.

8K video transfer: The built-in high I frame rate port forwarding optimization technology not only ensures the data integrity, but also improves the transferring efficiency of the 8K code stream, effectively reducing frame loss and delay.

8K video decoding: Featured with a high-performance codec core that supports up to 32x 1080p @ 30fps, the devices can efficiently decode 8K real-time streams for two channels at the same time, enabling smooth live view and playback.

8K video output: The new series adopts the HDMI2.1 interface, which supports an output resolution as high as 8K (7680x4320)/30HZ.

An all-encompassing “True 8K” solution from the front end to the back end

With the M-Series NVRs launched, Hikvision is extending its “True 8K” solutions from front end products such as cameras and LED displays to back end devices, offering customers an extremely clear and detailed visual experience in all kinds of scenarios.

The “True 8K” NVRs can be used with a wide range of Hikvision’s cameras to meet users’ specific needs of various situations. Combined with fisheye cameras, panoramic cameras, TandemVu, and many other cameras, the devices are fit to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces such as public halls, squares, stadiums, stations, etc., where wider angle of view, and sharper, more detailed images are required.

Wenson Zhou,  Product Director at Hikvision says, “The new M-Series NVRs showcase Hikvision’s industry-leading technologies and innovations by offering superior-quality images of up to 8K super-high-resolution through an easy connection with a wide range of Hikvision cameras. These “True 8K” devices will enable users from all kinds of industries with the capacity to zoom into large scenes to view exact details without quality loss.” 

Hikvision India is the leading video security solution provider. The company manufactures a wide range of video surveillance products at its state- of-the- art manufacturing facility near Mumbai.