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Open Source suite, prplOS version2 launched at CES

 January 13, 2022: The prpl Foundation, an organization dedicated to open-source and open-APIs for carrier-grade CPE,  has announced the official release of the prplOS v2 software platform.

prplOS is the reference platform upon which prpl’s other platform-independent assets combine to form its prplWare open-source software suite. prplWare enables triple-play operators to deploy carrier-grade open-source Customer Premises Equioment ( CPE) to serve as an Application/Service Delivery Platform for efficient distribution and management of innovative home services to their customers. The new software builds future-proof architecture, adding key features such as Switch, Ethernet, GPON, and Wi-Fi support on major chipsets, interface management, WAN mode infrastructure code, user management, firewalls, and remote management with APIs and a WebUI.

Says Dr. Len Dauphinee, President of prpl Foundation: “After an accelerated prplWare development effort in 2021, we are excited that 2022 will see our next ambitious plans roll out.” He added, “Several Tier-1 operators are already building solutions, and we will see field trials and deployments this year.”

With the Gateway operating system and all the components in place to manage the home network, 2022 will, among other projects, see the prpl Foundation accelerate the development of its implementation of prplMesh, the Wi-Fi subsystem of the prplWare platform, so that operators can deploy their own mesh solutions based on open-source foundations.

prpl representatives demonstrated the prplOS v2 solution at CES, last week.