QlikTech lets Android phone users do their biz with ease

Business Intelligence (BI) leader company, QlikTech, has unveiled the first BI application for the Android operating system – simultaneously with Google’s unveiling of its first mobile smart phone design, the Nexus.

analytics application for Android leverages fully interactive drill down functionality to explore information, not just static reports that traditional BI mobile offerings are limited to, claims QlikTech.

Google launched their new Nexus smart phone, built on Android on just ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with a device from HTC, this week. Mobile phone manufacturers Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Garmin and Vodafone are already committed to releasing handsets based on Android. The QlikView app for Google Android will be available ina few weeks at http://www.android.com/market   ( The offering is not yet there). ,   a Swedish player who  is well known for specializing in mobile user interfaces for companies like Google and Spotify. Created on the TAT Cascades platform the application is multi-touch driven and supports location based searches with GPS support.

“QlikTech was formed on the premise that information should be accessed by the people that need it, when they need it. This is why we are so aggressive in our mobile product development strategy. We realize that when information is easily available, people rely on gaining answers wherever they may be,” says  Anthony Deighton, Senior Vice President of Product at QlikTech. “We were the first BI-company to unveil a truly interactive mobile BI app built specifically for the iPhone and now we’re the first on Android. We see great potential in Android as the platform of choice for business applications like analytics. We’re excited to be ahead of the curve and look forward to introducing more mobile innovations to our customers.”

QlikView for Android was developed inpartnership with TAT, The Astonishing Tribe AB,  www.tat.se 

Do  see  the video on TAT/QlikView on Android in  our Video spot for a few days.

 In May 2009, IndiaTechOnline reported QlikTech's offering for Apple's iPHone (http://indiatechonline.com/qlikview-in-india-66.php ).  The company has been in India since 2008. (www.qlikview.com. )

Jan 7 2010