Aligning social media and content marketing

15th December 2020
Aligning  social media and content marketing

December 15 2020: On the one hand, we have content marketing, which is the best way to keep your audience engaged and educated.
On the other hand, social media helps in the seamless distribution of your content, and 67% of marketers believe that these channels contribute to their organization’s revenue.
Content marketing and social media are like muffins and cupcakes. They might look entirely different from outside, but in reality, they are quite similar, work in tandem and complement each other exceptionally well.
But determining how to align these two marketing strategies is a daunting task and even before finding that some basic questions need to get answered.
We bring you a helpful  tutorial  from Chris Makara, Founder of  Bulkly,  social media automation tool for marketers and entrepreneurs  on  strategies for aligning  social media and content marketing. Read here