Microsoft offers free security product for lay PC users

4.3 MB free download for genuine Windows users, provides auto updates for virus/phishing/spam/malware protector

Microsoft, whose PC operating systems and browsers have been the biggest target of the Web’s malware makers, has finally stepped into the territory hitherto dominated by third party protection providers: On Tuesday, the company placed for free download by all legal owners of a Windows operating system, a neat package of tools under the name Microsoft Security Essentials.

The 4.3 MB download from  will serve the needs of lay users who need basic protection from viruses, worms, spam, phishing etc and are hassled by the need to update many free or fee-based option. New Windows 7 PC assemblers are known to be pre loading the MSE software with the machine which for the first time lets buyers go online immediately they have established an Internet connection, without pausing to install a Net security product.

Vipul Sant, Director – Genuine Software Initiative, Microsoft India told IndiaTechOnline, the software will meet most common Net security needs but will not offer additional PC tuning tools that some of the paid Net security products offer.

Most lay users will be happy to settle for that – particularly since all leading anti virus and PC security products like Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro or Kaspersky, have gone over to a one pc one year limitation when one buys the basic product. Many users have preferred to live with free downloads like AVG AntiVirus. Now Microsoft offers an alternative of its own. 

Bangalore Dec 17 2009