An app that distills the Wisdom of India -- through proverbs

Bangalore, October 23 2014: Nicely timed for the  Diwali festival,  comes a mobile app that presents a glimpse into the timeless wisdom of ageless India – through 1,000-plus  proverbs and quotations, translated into English from 24 Indian languages. These words of wisdom from all religions originating in India and quotations from leaders, poets, scientists, statesmen and gurus, have been compiled by  well known Bangalore-based technology consultant and author, Madanmohan Rao.
From Lord Krishna to the Buddha – from Kabir to Guru Nanak -- from the Rig Veda to Panchatantra – from Subhas Chandra Bose to Mahatma Gandhi – from Osho to Sri Sri Ravishankar, the proverbs and quotations in this collection span a wide range of society and scriptures, ages and aspirations.
The app brings up proverbs and quotes for multiple uses, and can be refreshed to see different messages at specified times of the days as a reminder.
This compilation bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, and brings the wealth of Indian wisdom into the digital media of the 21st century. Launched on Diwali  the app can be used in multiple creative ways, for example,  take a photograph with the Indian Proverb appearing as a caption!  Download app here ( for Android devices)