LearnSocial.com launches instructor-led live onlinecourses

New Delhi, September 13, 2014: Learnsocial.com, a  new  online learning platform for Instructor-led live courses is fuelled by the expertise of over 200 experienced industry experts,  who  help drive 11 courses, with 10 more in the pipeline.
Unlike traditional online education or the new generation of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms, LearnSocial offers Live Instructor-led online courses on wide range of topics including Technology, Languages, Business Management, Robotics and many others.
Hyderabad-headquartered LearnSocial offers  industry relevant courses for college fresher/s, mid-career professionals, senior professionals; and also partners with passionate Industry experts. The core offerings of the platform are real-time (Live) Interaction between Learners and Instructors which enables two-way communication between both the parties. The instructors can share their screen with the learners and the learners can ask questions/queries/doubts from the instructors through chat or audio communication during the session. The students will experience real learning through assignments and assessment modules and project works and case studies.
Says Raju Vanapala, founder & CEO, LearnSocial: “Delivering the best with same level of excellence, irrespective of the geographical location, is what we believe in. Hence, unlike others, our Instructors are not traditional professors. They are hand-picked, highly experienced and passionate people working with large corporate firms across sectors. LearnSocial equips each trainer to deliver a special learning experience to any individual from any remote corner. All it takes is internet connectivity of less than 1 MBPS to access all cutting edge and industry relevant courses at LearnSocial.”
He adds: “LearnSocial is determined to build a large and active social learning community from across the globe; where learners are provided with an opportunity to network, rather than breeze through a few week-long courses. With greater community interaction and engagement, combined with excellent course delivery methods; LearnSocial will redefine online learning experience across the globe.”
In earlier ventures, Vanapala started ‘Way2Online Interactive India Pvt Ltd’ that runs  the consumer messaging portal way2sms.com. It has crossed over 40 million users; making it one of India’s  largest, most successful internet-mobile start-ups.