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Photo: courtesy Times of India/ Md. Asad
For these Physics teachers, phone is a classroom tool

In Bangalore, school  teachers learn how to use smart phone to teach physics. At a workshop for school teachers held recently in the Jawaharlal Planetarium in the city,  they were  shown how a smart phone might be usefully deployed to teach Physics.
"We are helping teachers to take advantage of smartphones. They can use it for activities in classrooms, to teach concepts so that it adds to the motivation of children and makes learning joyful.", explained resource person Madhusudan H R.
Read the full story here courtesy  the Times of India ( July 14 2014)



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For these Physics teachers, phone is a classroom tool
by Miquele on   11,  2014
  "I could not conemmt over on that post. So I will conemmt here. :-)That post hit home for me as well. Even though I homeschool it is a thought that I needed to hear. I too find myself not praising the kids near enough. I am going to make sure I start changing my focus from what is not "as I wish", but what they are doing well. Thank you for this post. I needed to hear/read this right now."