New app for science and maths is free to use

Bangalore, Jabuary 5 2019: Avocado, is  an online platform for students to practice Science and Maths and teachers to create those tests.
Getting kids to practice at home is a difficult task in itself but the Avocado app makes this experience a fun and interesting one. Using the app, students can access customized practice tests, detailed answer rationales, and review of results with just a few taps. The app also gives access to analytics to help build a winning strategy for outcome-based learning. Most kids do not relate to mathematical and science problems, as they are abstract most of the times and may not have an immediate application, hence lack the motivation to learn subjects. AVOCADO is a step towards creating that environment so that kids are motivated for exploratory learning, rather than rote.
Right now, the app has Science and Maths practice tests. Other subjects will soon be added to the app.

What's special:
1. The app identifies the gaps and helps in understanding the intervention required from a teacher or parent.
2. It provides active tracking of the identified areas and provides analytics on the improvement achieved over a period, thereby getting a clear picture on speed as well as accuracy.
3. Customized practice tests for each individual according to their needs and level of understanding.
4. Vividly detailed answers and explanatory rationale for better learning of concept and ideas.
5. Focuses on mathematical and scientific concepts which require the most attention in school|
6. Avocado also connects to parents who can peek into the child's performance and help him/her accordingly.|
The app is available on iOS and Android for free with in app purchases. The app can be downloaded here. It will be available on the Apple store soon.
How to use the app: 
Open the app. Create your profile and fill out information accordingly and start taking tests.