AAS Vidyalaya app offers anytime-anywhere schooling

07th July 2018
AAS Vidyalaya app offers  anytime-anywhere schooling

Mumbai, July 7 2018: Vikas Kakwani, an IIT-IIM graduate launched AAS Vidyalaya- Anytime Anywhere School, a platform that brings an entire school on the phone.
AAS Vidyalaya is a virtual school – a mobile app, built for millions of students who cannot go to school, in order to bring the school to them. The Social School operates exactly like a regular school with a dedicated class-teacher, timetables, subject periods and regular assessments.
After a successful completion of their first year, AAS  has announced announced the opening of admissions for its second batch this wewek. Year after year, there has been a huge number of students who discontinue school education due to poverty, lack of availability and accessibility etc. AAS addresses this issue and instead of bringing children to the school AAS gets the school to the children. Students can attend school from anywhere and teachers can work from home, while parents can monitor day-to-day progress of their children. A child can attend classes, interact with subject teachers; class teacher, take tests and monitor their progress with this app. AAS has been launched for secondary education with CBSE curriculum, while the plan is to add other boards soon.

Says Vikas Kakwani, Founder & CEO of AAS Vidyalaya: “The previous academic year has ended now and children have finished primary schooling. This is the time when a father takes a call if his child should study further or start supporting the family financially. Here is where AAS Vidyalaya steps in. Anytime Anywhere School – A mobile-based app is a virtual school for the underprivileged children.  AAS Vidyalaya holistically brings in flexibility and cost benefits for students, teachers, as well as parents, thereby strengthening the educational system at the grass root level."
With the primary focus on educating India, AAS Vidyalaya also provides an employment opportunity to housewives by giving allowing them to work from home at flexible timings. Women can enroll themselves with AAS Vidyalaya by just downloading the app and registering as a class teacher. The team will reach out and approve the profile. With a holistic approach towards the betterment of the society, AAS aims at bringing about change for good. The idea is to create a virtual school available for everyone.

To download the app and find an entire school in your hand, click here.