Classroom on mobile, exploits Bots


Bangalore, November 25 2016: PaGalGuy  is India's largest network for competitive exams. The company has just come up with a  mobile app Prepathon (courses on mobile app by best educators), which is the first Indian Ed-tech start-up having in-built BOTS for better learning experience. 
A Motivation bot will supply you a personalized goal every single day based on your last 7 days of activity. The first step towards greatness is get honest feedback. The  Feedback Bot does just that.
Doubts bot: Ask Doubts. Just  Click & Post.  Prepathon will notify your friends. You will be surprised how many are willing you help you out. The bots will help overcome your weaknesses.
Prepathon comes from Mumbai-based Allwin Agnel,  Wharton MBA and CEO and , Sandeep Kalidindi,  MIT - Computer Science  grad and CTO.
Bots-powered courses ( at various price points ) are listed here