Coursera joins Illinois University to offer MS in Data Science

April 2 2016: Massively Online  Open Course (MOOC) pioneer, Coursera  has annouced  the first ever online Master's degree course in Data Science -- jointly with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
The MCS-DS builds expertise in four core areas of computer science: data visualization, machine learning, data mining and cloud computing,  plus honing skills in statistics and information science  across 32 credit hours. Anyone who registers on Coursera will have access to all of the courses that make up the onsite  degree, including lessons, activities and projects developed by award-winning Illinois faculty.
'Data Scientist' is the sexiest job of the 21st century
- Harvard Business Review

In order to earn the University of Illinois degree, learners who are accepted into the program will also be expected to complete additional course assessments with access to guidance, feedback and support from Illinois faculty and staff.  Like all Coursera  coursera, students  can take up individual modules  for free but to get the degree,  the  tuition fee, is $ 19,200 ( Rs 12.7 lakhs)