Prepathon, is a last mile tool for learning better

Mumbai, February 3 2016: From PaGaLGuY,  pioneers of massive online education communities in the MBA education space, comes   Prepathon, a mobile based application that conquers that last mile enabling people to learn better, improve their skills and to help them achieve their goals.
The app provides comprehensive course materials created by experts, a WhatsApp like chat feature to interact with experts & also a massive question bank updated on a daily basis apart from a platform to participate with like-minded student community.
The application, has a proprietary feature ‘Coach’ that helps improve student performance by solving queries, providing motivation and interactive learning sessions, thus ensuring higher absorption rates and more significantly better results for the students when it actually matters.
Prepathon, helps students for MBA, IBPS, JEE, SSC-GCL students with many more courses marked for future expansion. Every month students are answering over 2 million questions and it continues to grow.
With over 1,30, 000   downloads to date. Prepathon is well on its way to establish itself as a force to reckon within the educational tests scenario. It soon aims to expand into 17 other preparatory courses as well, so within the next 24 months it is able to provide services to a student base of over 23 million aspirants.
The mobile app Prepathon can be downloaded via the Google App Store. The service is currently free of cost. 
Allwin Agnel, founder and CEO ,  started PaGaLGuY in 2002. Thirteen years later,  it  has become a leader in its domain