Cochin University to host Indian language computing conference

Kochi, December 29 2013: The 4th National Conference on Indian Language Computing is being held in Kochi, Kerala at the Cochin University of Science and Technology, on February 1 and 2, 2014. The Department of Computer Applications is joining the Computer Society of India to bring this conference.
Computing in Indian Languages and development of technologies for Indian Language understanding has gained much momentum recently. India is trying to develop technologies to reach its masses in their own language. The conference aims at bringing together various people working in the area of Indian language computing, like Machine Translation, Transliteration, Indian Language Understanding, Character Recognition, Speech Recognition and similar areas.
The Programme Chair is Dr.B.Kannan, Member MC, CSI Cochin Chapter and Head, Department of computer applications, CUSAT.
Invited speakers include Prof.Dr.P.Nagabhushan, Department of Computer Science, University of Mysore; Dr. G Raju , Associate Professor , Department of Information Technology, Kannur University Kerala and Prof.Leena Mary, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
RIT, Kottayam.

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