Global digital respiratory solutions market outstrips diabetes

16th March 2019
Global  digital respiratory solutions market outstrips diabetes

March 16 2019: The global digital respiratory solutions market is  set to grow and potentially become even bigger than the digital diabetes care market.  
Of over 500M asthma & COPD patients world-wide, 210M  need  digital respiratory solutions.  There are only 400+ digital respiratory solutions available worldwide. Usage of digital is still low: Solutions reach to  less than 1% of the addressable target group. Market revenues with digital offerings will reach up to US$557 million by 2023 suggests a study by  Research2 Guidance on "The Global Digital Respiratory Solutions Market 2009-2023".
The report finds that In terms of product and service readiness, as well as user penetration, the digital respiratory market is 3 to 5 years behind more advanced digital health segments, such as diabetes or weight loss. Current business models of digital respiratory solutions focus on connected device sales; lacking implementation of service and data business models No company has yet gained a dominant market position
The report pays special attention to analyzing top key players, their perceived strategies and digital respiratory offerings. Similar to other digital chronic condition market segments, apps are more and more at the centre of solution ecosystems, allowing app users to track and display measurements and to share results with HCPs or caregivers. The report analyzes in detail current and future app download and usage trends, including the apps that run on iOS and Android operating systems. The market analysis is global but also provides details about the top-10 countries, including India.