BPL Life Phone is a 3-in-1 health monitor

The  Life Phone is the closest you can get to a  hospital ECG -- in your home
Bangalore, September 17 2018: BPL makes  popular brands of  hospital ECG machines - in addition to a range of other medical equipment. They have now shrunk  the basic functions into a  handy portable tool, called the Life Phone, that can be used by lay persons.
The new edition, Life Phone Plus, is now  available online from e-commerce sites.   It is a  palm sized device that measures 12-lead ECG, blood glucose, hear rate, as well as steps taken and calories burnt.
For starters, this is not something you would wear all the time like a watch.  But it is the closest to a full function ECG that I have seen. Having paired with a phone app, you need to be seated  comfortably and then to place it at four spots on your chest  for a few seconds at a time.
An accompanying video  makes the procedure very clear. There are no electrodes, no need to smear gel  -- and if you subscribe, you get your records  stored in the cloud and a physician to  analyse and give advice round the clock.  
Life Phone Plus costs Rs 17,999. ( You can get it without the glucometer, for a few thousand rupees less).