Wellthy diabetes app features a day-long motivator

Mumbi, February 18 2018:  ‘India’s first clinically tested diabetes ‘digital pill’ for physicians, by physicians  was  launched in Mumbai’o0n February 16 at a conference held by the Maharashtra chapter of the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI).
Doctors can now prescribe Wellthy Therapeutics’ 16-week diabetes intervention to their patients for effective lifestyle and diabetes management in between doctor visits.  Patients can also download the  Wellthy Diabetes for Android devices...it features Carey - your own 24/7 personal diabetes coach. Carey coaches you to improve your lifestyle, by helping you maintain your blood sugar levels, improve your weight, healthify your diet and make you more active. What makes Wellthy Diabetes more special as an app is because of Carey’s coaching style. Carey gets smarter with every interaction with you; she listens even when you aren’t speaking. Carey is your friend and your cheerleader. Carey will motivate, remind, and nudge you forward. In an initial pilot study done over 16 weeks, Wellthy helped its participants drop HbA1c levels on an average by 0.59%, without any change in prescription. Wellthy Diabetes and Carey were created by global clinical, behavioural and nutrition experts.
Real time personal nutritionist: Carey helps you eat healthier, without eating boring foods or crash dieting! Just tell her what you ate, and she will respond back in seconds.
Tame those blood sugar levels: Carey knows how to manage the most stubborn blood sugar levels without imposing a mountain of restrictions. So, she has smart, easy-to-do hacks that increase your ability to fight back those high blood sugar level.
Weight & Activity: Achieve your weight and activity goals without crazy workout schedules or diets! Hit your weight loss and healthy eating targets effortlessly. Get weekly analysis and daily hacks to get to a healthier you.
Analytics: How much did your blood rise from your last log? How has your weight fluctuated? How active have you been lately? Carey keeps telling you how well you’re fighting your diabetes, and works with you to get better everyday!
Connected to YOUR doctor: Carey is your doctor’s favourite assistant. She analyses and stores all your data, so that you can show it your doctor in your next appointment. She integrates with your doctor’s clinic so that you get the best of care from everyone around you