President Pranab Mukherjee briefed by Dr Azad Moopen regarding Aster Emergency App.
Aster healthcare group launches an app for the Golden Hour

New Delhi, May 28, 2017: Leading  India and UAE healthcare chain Aster, has launched an app  that aims to save lives during the so-called Golden Hour.
The Aster Emergency App ( Android link here)  provides a real-time interface between the patient in emergency and a GPS-enabled Aster ‘Responder’. This brings help to reach even before the Ambulance arrives providing “Basic Life Support” (BLS). The first hour after an incident is called the Golden Hour which is the most critical time when intervention will give best results.  
At the press of an icon, the trained responders with a certification to deal with emergencies at the ground level can be accessed to and the much-needed help can be made available at the spot of the incident. The app is also equipped with information on handling medical emergencies, tips and suggestions in case of medical emergencies, access to ambulance and other emergency numbers, useful suggestions on first aid and access to responders where ever available. The App also includes a View & Track feature for real-time status of the incidents by all stake holders. Google maps integration is used  to reach the task location.|The app was launched a few days ago in Delhi by  Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman & Managing Director of Aster MD Healthcare. Prior to the Delhi  launch a delegation led by Dr Moopen briefed  President Pranab Mukherjee regarding the App.
The Aster Emergency App is being  rolled out in a phased manner  starting with  Kozhikode , Kerala.
|Aster DM Healthcare , established in 1987 , is one of the leading Healthcare service providers in the Middle East and India with chain of  20 hospitals, 85 clinics and 200 pharmacies in India and Middle East. It has its Indian flagship -- Aster MedCity -- a 670 bed facility,  in Kochi.