LiveHealth co founders Abhimanyu Bhosale & Mukund Malani
LiveHealth grows to cover 450 diagnostic centres in India

April 16 2017: A Pune based health care startup founded in November 2013   has grown to cover 450 centres in 43 cities in India, serving  600,000 patients. 
LiveHealth  delivers medical records to patients on their mobiles, and connects them to healthcare providers in their city,  creating a smooth and seamless  ecosystem for well being.  For patients:

-         It helps you view your medical records all under one view. 
-         Helps  you search nearby HealthCare Providers.
-         Books appointments with your healthcare provider and
-         Tracks your Health Vitals to monitor the progress of your health.
The solution has other verticals catering to  diagnostic centres and  medical practitioners.
The company was founded by two  young engineering greaduates from Pune -- Abhimanyu Bhosale ( CEO ) & Mukund Malani -- . whose internship with healthcare companies inspired them to this path.
LiveHealth is the first platform that enables healthcare payments in real time. Reducing the delivery cost and improving the efficiency are few of the crucial differentiators for LiveHealth. The company also largely caters to public sector approximately 35+ NGO & Government hospitals/diagnostic sectors