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PSTakeCare is an app for that surgical journey

Bangalore, December 4 2016: Developed by Takecare Technology Pvt. Ltd,  PSTakeCare is an Android health app that provides end-to-end assistance for patients who need to undergo a surgery. The app offers a list of various surgeries and hospitals that can perform them. It allows you to compare and shortlist doctors and hospitals based on location, prices, ratings, and reviews. 
It also gets you price quotations from different hospitals. The quotations are divided into two categories, PS-Plus and PS-Value.  PS-Plus includes price quotations from high-profile hospitals like Fortis, Sir HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai or Nu Hospitals, BGS Global, etc. in Bangalore. The patient can evaluate the price by comparing the charge of surgery, rooms, treatment type, etc.  
PS-Value provides details of value-for-money hospitals and surgeons. 
For after -surgery care, the app lets you avail services from Portea, a healthcare service provider that has also funded PSTakeCare.|
Currently offering their services in Mumbai and Bangalore, the app will soon be available in other metro cities. It can be downloaded for free at GooglePlay store. 


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PSTakeCare is an app for that surgical journey
by Colonel on March  13,  2017
  "disse:meu filho foi atopaelrdo aos 15 anos ao caminho do trabalho passou 06 meses sem andar quebrou tibia e peronio hoje ele ter 34 anos nao recebeu seguro ate hoje porem desde o acidente que sente muita dores na perna e ja fez duass cirrgia gueiro saber se ele tem direito joan leonardo perreira de araujo aguardo resposta"
PSTakeCare is an app for that surgical journey
by Prue on March  13,  2017
  "No joke. I've never been a believer in scheduling — a true pantseat flyer — but it's hard not to salivate over the options. It's gonna be grarrreeert! BTW, Love the new , Sloane!"
PSTakeCare is an app for that surgical journey
by Jacobemali on May  11,  2018
  " hello"