Doctor Insta harnesses video to bring specialists into your home!

New Delhi, December  12 2015: India’s  first Video-backed health care  company,  Doctor Insta,  has launched its services in India. platform aims to fix the current problems of accessibility, reliability and consistency in India’s $100 Billion healthcare market and to bring quality healthcare to everyone’s finger “Taps” -- anytime, anywhere, across different medical fields such as General Medicine, Paediatrics, Diet & Nutrition and Psychology.
Through Video/ Audio, the highly educated and trained Doctors at Doctor Insta can Look, Listen, and Engage with the patients to diagnose and to offer effective treatment in 15-30 mins, thus saving 3-4 hours of Ones’ time.
Since Users can consult doctors in the privacy of their home/office, one doesn’t have to deal withgetting any new Infection or Social Stigma (in specialties like Psychology, Sexology).
Doctor Insta also has a robust ePRM (electronic Patient Record Management) to retain patient health history and diagnosis for the rest of one’s life. The company has strategic alliances with Online Pharmacies and Diagnostic Labs to provide users one-stop solution for their healthcare needs. Doctor Insta can be accessed via any smartphone (Android or iOS) and though Web.
Says Amit Munjal, Co-Founder & CEO, Doctor Insta: “I want everyone in India to have access to quality healthcare anytime of the day and anywhere they want. I really hope that by providing Instant Healthcare access, we can increase Average Indian’s lifespan by 10 years and productivity of the nation by 15-20%. I take great pride in the fact that Doctor Insta is a triple bottom line company with positive impact onPeople (Better Health) and Planet first (Lower Carbon Footprint) & then Profits for the investors”

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