HealthifyMe says: Smart phones are the smart way to stay healthy

Bangalore, February 14 2015: There are many health and fitness trackers today -- but at one recent solution is  less about gadgets and more about   expert support.  HealthifyMe is a virtual weight-loss coach that monitors your diet and exercise to help you stay healthy and fit.
It’s comprehensive, offering a Calorie Counter for regional foods and an Exercise Tracker to monitor your moves.  But its USP is its combo of the hightech and the human, explains co-founder Tushar Vashisht.
Speaking to IndiaTechOnline   this week, he explained  HealthifyMe's three pronged approach:
1. An India-specific diet tracking data base
2.  specialist to track your diet
3.   GPS and activity -based calorie tracker
Unlike many other products in this space, Healthify does not mandate any particular wearable device. All you really need is a GPS enabled smart phone.  You can download our app and use our trackers to stay on top of your diet and exercise regimen. If you’re too tired to type, you can just talk or take a photo and our Voice and Photo Tracker will ensure your routine is recorded.
The solution works with any wearable tracker you may like to use; but the company is  working to offer a  wearable device of its own, very soon,  based on a low energy  pedometer.
"While weight loss is at the core of HealthifyMe, we know that weight loss is just one facet of your larger wellness goals" explains Tushar, PennUniversity alumnus and a former investment banker on Wall St., and in  Silicon Valley, USA,  "Our experts understand what physical, psychological and social factors contribute to your diet and exercise decisions. Keeping that in mind, our experts help you set appropriate goals around food, exercise, and more."  
Over 50.,000 users worldwide have signed up, even as  hospital groups  like Apollo, Vedanta and Manipal have partnered to bring Healthify to  their patients.  Plans range from Rs 1800 to Rs 10,000.
For Tushar and his young team, the mantra is: The smart phone way is the smart way  to stay fit-on-the go!
For a few days we feature a short video on HealthifyMe at our Tech Video spot on the home page