Crowdfunding platform, launches healthcare app

18th August 2021
Crowdfunding platform, launches  healthcare app

First social network for health
Mumbai, August 18 2021: Crowdfunding platform,,has introduced a healthcare community app – ‘Healthnest’ -- to mark its 9-year anniversary.
Healthnest is a healthcare community app developed for patients, caregivers, medical experts, and doctors. It is a social community platform to connect patients with similar medical conditions and empower them to share information and find emotional support. With an intent to build a healthcare support community, Ketto’s Healthnest app is a centralized platform to connect with people who have overcome similar health experiences. The app also enables its users to connect with medical experts and healthcare practitioners for any medical suggestions and second opinions.
Launched as a pilot project last quarter, Ketto’s Healthnest app recorded nearly 10 thousand installations with over 10 live communities on the app. Some of the major communities are ‘Buddy Circle’ which is India’s largest peer support network for mental health care and well-being, and ‘Ketto Changemaker’ which brings together individuals who contribute to providing quality medical care for underprivileged children every month through Ketto’s Social Impact Plan (SIP).
Says Zaheer Adenwala, CTO and Co-founder “At Ketto our endeavor is to bridge the healthcare accessibility gap. We closely work with hospitals and patients to raise funds for their medical treatment. However, we have realized that a patient’s family not only struggles in terms of finances but they undergo enormous physical and mental stress. With frequent hospital visits, multiple tests, and endless medicines, the treatment process often becomes overwhelming and exhausting, it can feel like you’re the only person dealing with so much. We are delighted to introduce Healthnest app with an aim to build a healthcare support community which enables individuals to connect with people who are suffering or have overcome a similar medical condition and empower patients and caregivers with informational and emotional support.”
Adds Kunal Kapoor Actor and Co-founder“ has completed 9 years, we have hosted over 3.2 Lakh fundraisers and raised over INR 2000 crores. We have touched 80+ million lives with various campaigns, ranging from medical, social, education, animals to even personal causes. Ketto has been an integral part of patient’s medical journey by enabling them financial aid, now with the launch of Healthnest app, we wish to extend our support and aim to provide informational, emotional, and mental support too. With the launch of Healthnest we are aiming to be an integrated healthcare partner to the hospitals, patients, and caregivers,'' adds is Co-founded by Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala and Actor Kunal Kapoor with an aim to bridge the affordability gap. enables people to raise funds for health and medical emergencies, natural calamities, education, travel, short-term emergency needs, sports, competitions, arts, animal welfare, women empowerment, and many more. Ketto’s primary objective is to use technology to optimize efficiency, reduce redundancy, and increase impact targeting the social sector of the country. The company is closely working with hospitals, NGOs, and individuals to bring positive change to the community. Currently, Ketto campaigns are raising over Rs. 300 crores per year for various cause.
Link to Android Healthnest app here