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Portable fertility monitor

This is the first of many tests  supported by the Inito diagnostic device|
January 11 2018: When  alumni Aayush Rai and  Varun A.V. from IIT Roorkee and IIT Madras respectively  set up medical tech startup Inito in Bangalore, they  worked on one premise: the average Indian had more than one medical need. DIY home kits were great, but would be greater if they shared the same  device.   So their team developed a sort of universal kit for home diagnostics. The first test just launched is for fertility monitoring kit  for women.
The test strips are dipped in urine and inserted into the device,  which is  then attached to the phone and the Inito app displays the result. It is said to understand cycle variations and give highly accurate results unique to every individual woman’s cycle, identifying six fertile days. It costs Rs 3195 from the company's website and a pack of 6 strips costs Rs 895. 
The beauty is that later this year, the same instrument can be used for monitoring   diabetes, thyroid and Vitamin D tests, with different strips to be launched.
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