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Safe surfing in Cyberia

The new Windows 10 Creators update launched this month has new and free   family-friendly features

November  14 2017: All parents worry about protecting their  children from inappropriate content  on the Web. Windows has provided parental controls  for many years; but the  new 'Creators' update to Windows 10, that Microsoft is  offering this month to legal users  takes this process a step further.    There is a special  site called  Microsoft Family  (  which allows parents to  add family members including children and create a separate profile  for each of them.  When parents add their child to the Microsoft Family and turn on activity reporting, they get weekly activity report emails that show a summary of their activity, including websites visited, games and apps used, terms searched for on search engines like Bing and how much screen time they had, even if they have logged in from a friend’s house or any other screen.  You can schedule  when your child can have screen time or when they must do their homework. You can  set an "Ask parent" control when there is a doubt if a site or game is OK  for your child. No one knows what lies out in Cyberia. But parents can at least  ensure that their children have a safe surfing experience.


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