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Baahubali is now a mobile game

Relive, the epic encounters;  role-play with the key characters -- on your phone.
May 19 2017: The blockbuster  Baahubali   movie and its recent sequel have morphed into  a mobile game.  It promises to do more than retread the film  and allows the player to  immerse in the epic action.  The game is available in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.
With Baahubali: The Game, the players act as Senapatis (generals or commanders) who serve the kingdom of Mahishmati, train an army, build defenses and join forces with Baahubali, Kattappa and the other heroes of Mahishmati to push back the ruthless Kalakeya.  
The game features digital versions of Baahubali, Kattappa, Bhallala Deva and the other heroes of Mahishmati, who the players can include in their army. The end goal is for the player to prove their skills by building the strongest army, the best defended Rajya (outpost), and a working economy with food and gold to protect the kingdom of Mahishmati from the Kalakeya. 
The game has been created by the team at Moonfrog Labs, led by award-winning game maker and director  Mark Skaggs  who has previously led teams that created some of the world’s most popular games – such as FarmVille, Empire & Allies, CityVille, Treasure Isle, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth etc
As you upgrade to various levels, you see the details on your own Rajya in the Baahubali universe. The challenge of bringing the epic world of Baahubali into a small screen was met by the art team watching the film over 100 times to recreate the extended universe. From concept sketches to 3D models and paint-overs, every detail of the game went through a  detailed process of creation, development, and building.
“I like to think of Baahubali: The Game as an extended Maahishmati universe. The Game is another step for us in creating a cross-media fictional World Of Baahubali.” says the film's creator,  SS Rajamouli.
The game can be played in two modes – Solo Player (Campaign) and Player versus Player (PvP).
In Campaign mode, the player is a part of the Baahubali universe, where  he or she  constructs and defends her/his own Rajya. The player can build farms to maximize food production, erect barracks to build troops and drill gold mines to upgrade infrastructure and build more buildings. This gives players the resources to wage war and fight the Kalakeya in campaign mode. Attacking various Rajyas of the Kalakeyans such as the Watchtower, the Fort, Thieves’ Den and the Forbidden Village, brings more resources into the player’s Rajya.
In the PvP mode, players get to fight against other players, and here’s where one can form alliances with family and friends who are also playing the game. The player can enlist Mahishmati “heroes” including Baahubali, Kattappa, and Bhallala Deva, in her/his army. The heroes come with their special powers which the players can deploy to help them protect your base or attack with you.
Link to Android  game app. The iOS version  is due soon


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