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Lean back, lean forward

April 18 2017: Ten years ago,  there were two distinct  ways to watch video: lean back on the sofa and watch it on a TV screen, or lean forward in an office chair and watch it on a PC.  That distinction has vanished: And one of the  innovations that drove the change  flows from Indian brains.
Carlos Fernandes, ( photo above) is a   Bombay University Electrical Engineering graduate ,  and an MBA  from  Chicago University. In 2006,  he invented and patented the world's first Internet-based Digital Video Recorder  and started a company in Singapore -- Record TV. With his InstantTV app, you could record  broadcast content from  100s of  TV channels around the world  for free and play back at your convenience on your Android phone or tablet.  There is a subscription version  without ads.
Carlos was in India last month to promote the next  evolution of InstantTV : Blaze Bot.  Instead of making you search, it will deliver curated and  trending content from around the world -- news, videos or just buzz. Expect a leading  content provider to roll out BlazeBot  in India very soon.



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