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A bed for work and play

Bangalore, January 11 2017: When is a bed not a bed?  When it is  also workstation, entertainment pod and music centre.  In other words the epicentre of the lifestyle of a millennial.
Online furniture rental pioneer Furlenco has put together the Pod,  a new 4x6 ft. queen-size bed  for two that is also fitted with 32-inch Panasonic LED TV, a 10 watt 2.1 surround sound speaker system with a subwoofer and support for  a gaming console.
For bookworms there is an attached bookshelf and an  adjustable LED reading lamp. And all these features, from the reading lamp to the channels on the TV;  to volume levels on the speaker system,  can be controlled from a Master Control Unit with the touch of a button.
Says Ajith Mohan Karimpana, Founder and CEO of Furlenco: "A majority of millennials residing in the cities do not have the luxury of huge living spaces. They usually end up  in under-furnished houses with bare minimum essentials like a mattress or a sofa-cum-bed. They would rather spend their money on buying the latest gadget or travelling than buying furniture. We designed the Pod after conducting an elaborate survey on how much time this particular category of people spent at home and what they did at home. This multi-functional bed is a place to work, sleep and play."Don't all rush to buy. It's not for sale. Furlenco will rent it to you for Rs 2999.
The company currently operates in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune.



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