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(Updated    January 22 2017
Total no. of  phone subscriptions: 1.10 billion (1100 million)
Mobiles    1080 million 
Landlines: 20. million 
Total no. of PCs: 150 million 
Internet users:  400 million  including  mobile Internet 159  million
Broadband:  168 million
(wired: 19 million;   wireless : 149 million)
TV owning houses: 150 million ( DTH: 54 million)
DTH operators: 6;     Private TV channel  826

NEW!  GSMA study: Mobile Economy of India 2016
Ericsson Mobility Report 2016: India findings
2016 FICCI-KPMG report on Media and Entertainment industry in India


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Debunking 3 cloud storage myths


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(Updated  January 22 2017)
Total no. of phone subscriptions: 1.10 billion (1100 million)
Mobiles:  1080 million 
Landlines:  20 million 
-- Total no. of PCs:  150 million  
 Internet users:  400  million  (Mobile internet: 159 million) 
 A fixed line internet connection is typically shared by  2-4 users  
Broadband:   168 million (wired  19 million; wireless: 149 million)
Govt now  defines broadband as > 512 KBPS
TV owning houses: 170  million ( DTH: 70 million)
DTH Operators: 6   

PrivateTV channels:  826 ( May 2015)
New: Mobile Economy of India 2016:  GSMA report here
Ericsson Mobility Report 2016: India findings

2016 FICCI-KPMG report on Media and Entertainment industry in India
India  Internet  usage..poised to overtake the US  see our report
UN Broadband Commission's STATE OF BROADBAND  report  2015 ( Sep. 2015)
Highlights               Our story with India & SAARC numbers
Mobile Internet in India  IAMAI  study  July 2015
E-commerce is India's new sun-rise industry; set to reach US $16 billion this year: ASSOCHAM-Deloitte study.  Find our report and link to full  study here
Ericsson study: India Mobile Broadband landscape May 2015 
Indian  e-gov. documents  dec. 2014:

Key documents: 
Activities and achievements of govt 2014 
Egovernance  framework and toolkit 
Digital India
Local Language CDs in 22 languages 

Akamai study on Internet: India numbers
India Internet numbers for 2014 from IAMAI

IAMAI study on India Mobile Net trends

TRAI Data for 2013 See our story

Gartner on 3-D pinter market

CENSUS of INDIA on connectivity: We carry the government- published numbers ( March 13 2012):The final figures of the first phase of Census 2011 known as House listing and Housing Census was released by Union Home Secretary, R.K. Singh in New Delhi on March 13 2012. As per the House listing and Housing Census 2011, the census houses increased from 25 million to 330 million. There is an increase of 6 cr census houses for residential and partly residential purposes.
As regards mode of communication, there is an increase of 16% in television and a corresponding decline of about 15 pt in use of radios/transistors.
Less than 1 out of 10 households have Computer/laptop with only 3% having internet facility.
The penetration
of internet is 8% in urban as compared to less than 1% in rural area. 63% households have Telephone/mobile facility with 82% in urban and 54% in rural area.
The penetration of mobile phone is 59% and landline is 10%.  Link to full release:

Full text of  Indian Govt new draft policies for IT, Telecom, Electronics:  IT Policy:

Telecom Policy: 

Electronics Policy:   

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