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Samsung patent applications suggest it might be working on a rollout or foldable phone display
Foldable phones may not be far away

March 27 2016:  Samsung's latest update to its flagship phone, the Galaxy S7, also comes in a curved version -- Galaxy S7 Edge.  But as phones become bigger and less pocketable, is another  revolution in the offing?  Bendable  OLED may be a pointer.

A 7-inch device is a tablet. A 6.5 inch device is a phone. Both  make and receive calls and connect to the Internet.  Where can mobile phones  go next?  Perhaps they can fold themselves, or roll into a shell like snails.  A few days ago details of a patent application made by Samsung to the US Patent Office  in November last year   became known. The patent, titled Foldable Device and Method of Controlling the Same,  shows a design where the display is folded  like a wallet. Another tentative Samsung design shows the display rolled up, to be pulled open before use.  Is this the shape of phones to come  that will offer larger screens without  a larger package?  Organic Light Emitting Diode  or OLED   displays  are inherently  flexible -- and analysts   predict Samsung may harness this technology to roll out a foldable phone by year end. It  tested foldable  and rollout  displays  even  3 years ago  which you can check out  in a YouTube  video   called  "2014 Samsung Flexible OLED Display Phone and Tab Concept".


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Foldable phones may not be far away
by Vicky on April  16,  2016
  "Keep it coming, wrisert, this is good stuff."
Foldable phones may not be far away
by Buffee on March  13,  2017
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